Insulated cover to meter box

Application: For chambers with internal diameter 395 – 405 mm.
External diameter: Cover core 381 mm. Cover surface 501 mm.
Materials: HDPE polyethylene and PP polypropylene.
Colour: Black ( UV stabilizing Cabon Black ).

Load test no. 280-42880 / 60, Danish Technological Institute to EN 124 Class A 15 ( 1500 kg. ) EU norm. Laboratory temperature of 20,7° C.

Lifting eyes:

Two lifting eyes for manhole keys for cover fitted at ground level.

Surface: Skid-resisting with roughened surface.
Insulating material: Expanded polystyrene core.
Insulating properties:

Thermal calculations by the Danish Technological Institute.

Packings to retain soil warmth: Two special rings in one casting with lip seals.
Environmentally friendly: All materials can be recycled without environmental damage.
Location: Steel insert for electrolocation of cover.
Locking system:

Complete set for fitting to cover and box, made of special Nylon and stainless steel. The locking system retains the cover in position against rising water and prevents unauthorized access. 
Nr.: ( VVS ) 14 5879.710
Nr.: ( VVS ) 14 5879.402

Cover keys:

Two cover keys for lifting cover when fixed at ground level. These penthagon-shaped keys also fits the locking system explained above.
Nr.: ( VVS ) 14 5879.402

Customer logo:

For an additional price customer logos can be cast in the cover.

Constrution and manufacture:

The cover is designed, constructed and produced in Denmark. The cover is a registered utility model under Danish patent legislation.